Stadium „Beroe“ is part of the same named sports complex.

The biggest part of the complex is occupied by the „Beroe“ stadium with its 3 training grounds. There is also a tennis complex which is located on the north side of stadium „Beroe“. It has 10 tennis courts, a sauna and a fitness center.

The stadium has an athletics track, which once was hosting the „Samarsko zname“ tournaments. One of the training grounds also has an athletics track. There is also a sports hall with a covered track for preparation in bad weather conditions. In the sports complex there are also halls for box, Kyokushin kaikan, table tennis and acrobatics. Near the sport complex there is also a hotel base with a swimming pool.

Stadium „Beroe“ has the biggest stadium roof in the country, flood lighting and an electronic information screen. The athletics track is believed to be the fastest in Bulgaria. The stadium is owned by the Stara Zagora municipality. The current capacity is around 15 000 seats.

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