The fans of Beroe are amongst the largest and most loyal crowds in the country. Being the sixth largest city of Bulgaria by number of inhabitants, Stara Zagora has man times earned recognition as the highest attendance during the season, irrespective of the team’s performance.

Just about everybody in Stara Zagora and the region supports Beroe – be it men or women, kids or aged people; politicians, businessmen, common people – civil servants or employees, policemen or stadium’s security guards, the youth, the players and the veterans of the team. All of them just can’t wait for the next game of the favorite team to come.

Beroe’s supporters are also among the most demanding and are constantly putting high standards to the players. The eyes of the elderly fans have seen a myriad of football masters and at the same time Beroe legends play the game, the list of those including but far from being limited to: Petko Petkov, Petar Zhekov, the brothers Evgeni and Petko Yanchovski, Tenyo Botev, Yancho Dimitrov, Ivan Tanev, Boris Kirov, Georgi Belchev, Todor Krastev, Hristo Todorov, Ivan Vutov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Georgi Stoyanov, Tenyo Minchev, Stoycho Mladenov, the brothers Georgi and Dinko Dimitrov, Vasil Dragolov, Yordan Mitev and many many others… They have all set highest criteria for sporting skills and mastership, which makes the task of the forthcoming ones much more difficult.

The fans of Beroe are tolerant and patient in respect of any new players, coaches and managers of the club. They give a chance to everybody to deploy their skills and abilities, although any such newcomers’ attempt whatsoever to humiliate the green shirt and club’s integrity are booed to death and hated forever.

The supporters of Beroe can watch their favorites at the municipal stadium „Beroe“, which is called by some the „Temple“. It is unique with the biggest grandstand roof in Bulgaria and a relatively high grandstand, but also with its system for check-in and control. Any trainee from the youth formations of the clubs dreams for at least one match played in the home stadium, and where dreams come true it’s always an unforgettable experience.

There are Beroe fans everywhere in Bulgaria, but also thousands of miles away from the beloved hometown and stadium. The main fanforce live and support our team in Stara Zagora. They support the team in the home town by participating in the activity of the fans association called „National Fan Club Beroe Stara Zagora“. There is significant Beroe fans’ presence in the capital city. The „Sofia Fan Club Beroe 1916“ is a standalone association in Sofia unifying the Beroe supporters living there. Members are mainly students and residents of the capital with origins from Stara Zagora.

The other places where „colonies“ of Beroe fans may be found are Varna, Svishtov, Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Gabrovo, Burgas. Those are predominantly students from Stara Zagora, who study in the universities located in the said places. There are Beroe supporters in the neighboring towns of Stara Zagora, such as Galabovo, Radnevo, Kazanlak, Nova Zagora, Chirpan, Dimitrovgrad, too, as well as in the rural areas of the Region Stara Zagora. The Beroe fans are all over the world – in the USA, England, Germany, Spain, Austria, Greece, Iraq and other countries. Thus, there is a reason why the chant says: „There is no mine and no yours – the world is Beroe!“ („Няма мое, няма твое – светът е Берое!“ in Bulgarian).

Берое се нуждае от теб!
Бъди един от нас!
Само Берое!
Дари тук