Beroe’s head coach Petar Hubchev spoke with the media after the first friendly for 2015. He was satisfied with the team’s performance and yet he warned that there is still a lot to be done for the team to be ready for the cup and championship.

„The players were dedicated in the game despite the hard training week behind us. It is obvious that most of the players weren’t rested and fresh, but all of them gave their best. I am still not impressed by the players which are on trials. They have to show more. We are not under pressure to sign players and still we want to strengthen the team with a few signings. Therefore we will continue testing some of the players while others will be released. I still don’t want to name the players which we will rely on.“ – explained Hubchev.

„The transfer saga around Ventsislav Hristov is boring me. I don’t want to talk about this topic anymore. The most important thing for him – and for every other player – is to be fit. He had muscle problems and is slowly starting to train. I hope that next week he will join the team training sessions.“ – elaborated the coach.

„Our presason sessions are very intensive in the first 10 days. The players know this and try to give their best. Except Dimo Bakalov and Ventsislav Hristov there are no other injured athletes. This speaks for them since it means that they did individual week during the break. I am very satisfied with the progress, but there is still much to be done“ – told Hubchev.

„There is no pressure whatsoever to let players go. But everybody has to prove himself and has to fight for his position in the team“ – Hubchev explained.

„Anton Ognyanov will sign a contract with Beroe in due course.“ – he added.