Beroe’s U17 team won against Chernomoretz U17 with 2:0 after goals scored by Mihael Lalev and Nikola Grozdanov.

Mihael Lalev got the ball in the 8th minute at the line of the penalty area, turned himself towards goal and made an attempt, but the goalkeeper of the visiting team blocked the shot.

Nine minutes later Alexander Manolov tried his luck twice, but both times goalkeeper Patsov was at his places and showed good reaction to save.

Kiril Lichev made an attempt from 24 meters in the 28th minute, but the ball got directly in the body of the goalkeeper.

Seven minutes later the ball got in the feet of Mihael Lalev who made a run from the right flank and shot from the corner of the penalty area. Goalkeeper Patsov was however at the right spot and saved.

Three minutes after the break Alexander Manolov shot from 24 meters, but the goalkeeper was again there.

It was the 49th minute when Petko Ganev managed to tackle two opponents and pass to Mihael Lalev, who then tried his luck. His shot was blocked by a defender. The ball got in Alexander Manolov, who passed to Diyan Dinev. He made an attempt, but the ball was blocked by an opponent’s body.

Eleven minutes later Petko Ganev crossed to Mihael Lalev, who finally scored the opener with a 9-meter shot.

In the 74th minute Dimitar Traykov crossed from the right to Nikola Grozdanov. The midfielder drove the ball in the net for 2:0.

Four minutes later Nikola Grozdanov crossed from a corner to Mihael Lalev who made an attempt from 5 meters. The ball, however, hit the post.