One day ahead of the game vs Slavia spoke to the coach Petar Hubchev. He told us about his expectations about the duel on saturday.

„The break came in the exact moment, since there were some injured players. They used the time to recover. On the other hand, some players took part in all the matches till now. They needed some rest. Other playes had to catch up with the missed trainins in the preparation. I am convinced that the break was very useful for us. Unfortunately some players need even more time, they are catching up too slow.“ – commeted Hubchev about the break.

„David Caiado is almost ready to play, but he will need a week more before he can play. Ignat Dishliev is also almost ready, though he needs a few days more. Pedro Eugenio and Emil Angelov will need more time.“ – was Hubchev’s answer about the injured players.

„The mood in the team is very good and everybody is very serious about the training. In the last week the players were not very concentrated, but that is normal, since we did not have a game at that time. We should show this seriousness also on saturday, since if we do not do it it would have been in vain.“ – said Hubchev.

„I would not want to rate the coaches work now. One season should pass before we can judge the work. But I can swear that the coaches are working very responsible and serious.“ – told us the hero from the FIFA World Cup USA 94 about the coaches work.