Martin Raynov, one of the two players who were called up for the U21 national team yesterday, spoke with us ahead of the game against Etar. He did play on loan at that team last year and later on also played in Sliven, where the game will be held. There he managed to score a goal against Etar last year.

„I am very happy to be called up for the U21 national team. It is a big honour for everyone to play for Bulgaria“, commented Raynov at the beginning of the interview.

„Etar’s team is now very different from that what it was one year or even 6 months ago. I know only one or two players from the previous team with whom I did had the chance to play. Now there are many new people. I believe that tomorrow we will be practically the home team, because our fans will support us. I expect a victory, because we need the win and the points desperately“, told us Raynov.