Today the book „The Roots of Beroe“ was presented by Nanyo Nanev. Beside the author legends of the team, players from the youth academy, the representative of the fanclub Alexander Mechev and the player with most goals in the history of Beroe Petko Petkov took part in the event.

At the beginning of the presentation one of the former players of the team Georgi Belchev explained that the author did very well with this project. „He did find many documents, which tell the happenings of the previous times.“ He wished all players from the academy to be part of the new history of Beroe.

The book is already on sale at the fan store. It contains many pictures, emblems, interesting stories and reports from former players. In the book there is also a photo from the year 1924.

At the end of the event the author was given many presents from the team.